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LINDSAY LOHAN - blonde-brown, no more frown. LADY GAGA- Radio City; the costumes, monologues, and the music. BRITNEY SPEARS- free yet?

Who ever said Lindsay Lohan would always be blonde?
LL crosses over to the dark side once again.
Reports tell us her dye job is to raise money for Haitian relief.
Lindsay appears happier and healthier in recent photos.
She's reportedly been asked to accompany Australian Millionaire,
Richard Lugner to the famous Vienna Opera Ball. 
Looks good, girl. Related news: Fox buys rights to upcoming film
Machete starring Lindsay Lohan.

L-L-Lohan in N.Y.C. for New York's Fashion Week.
You-You-You oughta know Britney's here for real.

Lindsay has also just been appointed new artistic advisor
 to Fashion House Ungaro.

Britney Spears sang her heart out LIVE on stage.
The song? A cover os Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know'



in the studio, Lindsay on set!

Brtitney Spears is on a roll. Spears picked up Ultimate Teen Choice Award at the Teen Choice Awards and polished off her week at Conway Studio's. NEW ALBUM!? Please, Brit.

La La La La La La La


Lindsay Lohan was filmed unknowingly by some amateur camera men 
while on the set of Robert Rodriguez's Machete. Lilo left her
L.A. home to continue filming in Texas.
Isn't she lovely? 

Side note* Britney and Lindsay 
may have a budding relationship!
thanks breatheheavy.com!


East Coast Roast

 Lindsay gains some more weight and finds comfort in spray bottle.
                                                                         (no, not SevinNyne)
Gaga squashes hermaphrodite rumors and gets some new ink.

Lindsay Lohan keeps Paparazzi cool while leaving an L.A. 
venue. Notice her fuller, healthier looking jaw &cheeks.
Good going, Linds. 

--  Lady Gaga shows off some new ink on her left inner arm  (painful spot)
while out in Tokyo. What is it? ABC News contacted Gaga and her camp
recently to question Pop Powerhouse not about her tattoo, but about her sexual 
identity and whether or not she was a Hermaphrodite.  "This is completely ridiculous," her manager says.




 Lady Gaga will be hitting the airwaves for a fourth time September 15th with her latest single "Paparazzi." We're also patiently awaiting the re-release of The Fame. Titled- The Fame; MONSTER.

Lindsay Lohan says goodbye to L.A.? Psych! She's just away temporarily with sis Ali. We do not know where they went, just that the pair are off and are enjoying a break from the paparazzi, even if it's just for a few hours on a plane. 

Leaving L.A? NOT before a venti coffee from Starbucks.
Nice all white cup Lindsay, very celebrity of you.

Lindsay, apparently.

Lindsay Lohan was spotted swathing through
headbands and leggings at American Apparel.
one word;  N Y L O N 


 It's a good day in L.A. for two of Pop Music's biggest names.
Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are up for a combined 16 VMA nominations!
Gaga 9 and Spears 7. LOGIN & VOTE www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2009/



 Britney is Blonde, again.

before.9 hrs. later

That's right! Looks like 30 days as  Brunette was ENOUGH.
Spears wowed bystanders and paparazzi with her lighter, longer locks
as she was photographed en route to Grand Star Jazz Club in L.A. clutching her blue-cased Blackbery 
and trusty Marlboro LightsShe's certainly enjoying her down time from ultra successful
"Circus: Starring Britney Spears"
tour. The tour picks back up in Ontario Aug 20th
and wraps up Sept. 27th in Sin City.

Britney isn't the only one lightening up. Check out this picture of a newly blonde Lindsay Lohan w/ Brit!
Location; Andy Lecompte Salon, L.A.


Britney's new song. 

Britney Spears has
reportedly been dipping
in and out of the studio 
recording new material 
for her upcoming second 
greatest hits album. The new
Britney track is called 'Dirty Girl.'
And according to a insider's twitter 
"It's realllllly dirty."


Lindsay is blonde. Britney is back. Gaga is well, Gaga.

Britney Spears was photographed driving herself to a       -----      Lady Gaga was captured wearing a purple tower of sorts 
Starbuck's near her new home in L.A. after returning from     -----      on her musical head while signing some autographs 
the final show on her overseas tour. Tour dates run through      -----  leaving her hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.
 Thanks for the pics- Gagadaily.com
Britney may also be free from conservatorship
as of November. See Breatheheavy.com

Lindsay Lohan is back to blonde after being cast in
Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis' Machete.
LiLo is rumored to have a string of new roles confirmed.
Those movies include; The Other Side and Dare to Love Me
Picture Source; Lohangroupie.com
Lindsay has put on a few pounds. However, they were much needed.